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FIRE! (Gabber/Hardcore) FIRE! (Gabber/Hardcore)

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yes gabber is teh SHIT

<3 song <3 gabber <3 you for submitting gabber.
I am in love with gabber ever since i heard DJ Neophyte on DI.FM. He is teh shit. This reawlly great song and i loved the intro unlike most people i love the cool annoying sounds. I think this is first gabber song ive found on NG but XD nice nice its legit. make more gabber pl0x become next Scott Brown DJ Neophyte Rotterdam !! grwar

btw you listen to any gabber really or just listend to one song and thought it was cool and if you do who do you listen to?

i love you also lets make babies :)

Draze - Blazin' Blizzard Draze - Blazin' Blizzard

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I love you, lets make babies.

this song owns me. omg. serriously. omg. omg.

Draze responds:


Helix - Operation Red Rock Helix - Operation Red Rock

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Honestly Dude

Honestly Dude... This peice is really kick ass. It is a small change from ur other ones which i like, ur industrial is awesome...I love all ur stuff, in my winamp list ive played Overkill 153 times since like... a week ago... i love all ur stuff. I hope to be able to make awesome industrial like you do. Keep up the kick ASsS work and more stuff.

Helix6 responds:

That might be a little...overkill. Listening to that song so much.

Perfect Dark - ExtractionXx Perfect Dark - ExtractionXx

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im not kidding

i swear you should sumbit this to X-Box for the X-Box 360 Version of Perfect Dark. it would be p1mp y0.

Flames of the Sky Flames of the Sky

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this song has a really nice beat to it and i cant stop listening to it, i especially like the piano in the background in the song. very very nice!